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White Bitcoin History & Future

White Bitcoin (WBTC) is one of the latest cryptocurrencies which is swiftly becoming a prominent choice for investment for traders to enhance their portfolio and gain maximum profit.

Any technologies future depends on what has been sowed in the past for it by its founders and stakeholder and in this article we will be sharing how WBTC became what it is today and further what future it holds in the near future

So, like all the popular technologies bitcoins, Ethereum and Ripple, WBTC are also backed by very efficient blockchain technology.

White Bitcoin (WBTC) is a digital currency which is supported by bitcoins the reason for which is to bring liquidity into the decentralised crypto system.

These White Bitcoins (WBTC) were launched on a crypto exchange website belpay. The currency was launched in a unique manner which was also one of the reasons for its great demand. In first phase the price was 0.14 USD which was launched on 14th February 2018 and the second phase began on 1st March 2018 where the price was 0.20USD and then in the last phase was on 1st April 2018 where the price was 0.28 USD and after 4months of successful listing the currency tied a lifetime agreement with belpay

The market for cryptocurrency is very rigorous and constantly changing and hence only few are able to survive this tough competition. One of the main reasons why WBTC survived and was able to give high returns was the well planned launch. Along with the phased manner the WBTC was also made stable using a few restrictions where initially anyone could only buy $50 with coins and could only sell after 120 days and the locking period helps in stabilizing price and demand. The capping on price helped in increasing the number of traders and this helped in securing the currency from high fluctuations. Another successful strategy was VIP Affiliated wallet program which ensured a 20% dividend on referral which made more and more investors keep the currency and also earn good money. With many such initiatives introduced by WBTC from time to time, White Bitcoin stayed the buzz of the cryptocurrency market and continues to do so.

It is interesting to note that WBTC has shown an incredible growth which is more than 7 times than any other currency in the market currently and in the coming year it will be listed on more websites which will increase the price of the cons too. Being one of the trusted investment opportunities in the crypto market WBTC is a great platform to trade in and being at the position where it will only grow bigger this is the perfect time to be part of this currency and earn through its various programs.