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Best earning plan in cryptocurrency

As you all know, WBTC price is rising day by day, and the credit goes to the VIP Affiliate Program. The price of White Bitcoin is expected to be upwards of $ 5000.

WBTC ICO was the first ICO in the world which has succeeded 100 percent. The reason for the success of the WBTC ICO was that we had divided it into two parts. The first part was the Direct buy ICO and Second Part was Affiliate Program, and as you all know that the price of WBTC has not dropped at 0.14$ till date, while the cost of Bitcoin in Feb 2018 was 12000$ and now in March 2019, it is 4000$. BTC dropped 3 times in Dollar now, but WBTC Cryptocurrency grows up 2.5 times in Dollar and 7.7 times in Satoshi. 

After the super success of the WBTC ICO, we have the responsibility to make WBTC a real success. Our target for the year 2023 is $5000.

We are confident that in the similar line of success as the WBTC ICO, we will be able to achieve our target of $ 5000 by 2023.

As you all know, 10% Direct and 10% block matching income in VIP affiliate wallet is giving you the one time which means that whenever an affiliate user holds WBTC in his wallet, he earns up to 20% of income. Every affiliate user can receive the only one-time dividend. Every affiliate user can sell only 49% in 7 months. If we open 51% holding WBTC now user can re-hold WBTC and get second-time dividend so can’t open 51% hold WBTC.

Holding 51% WBTC will remain as long as the affiliate program continues, this means that if we calculate, then after 4.1 years 99% WBTC will be blocked in the crypto market. As per our predictions, the price of White Bitcoin can also be upwards of $ 5000 because everyone knows that if any cryptocurrency blocks 99% in the market and if only 1% WBTC is available in the market, then the amount can also go upwards of $ 5000.

For all affiliate users, 51% WBTC can be used After Complete VIP Affiliate Program(7% every month in 7 months so total withdrawal you can 49% & less 2% hold for get Mining Hash Power)  but on behalf of 51% blocked WBTC we are giving you a huge gift, and that is we are making you a partner in WBTC Mining. It means that all the 51% White Bitcoin block user will remain eligible to take WTBC Mining Hash Power till WBTC mining the next 16 years. All those users will get free Mining Platform to mine WBTC. Mining Platform will be a huge gift for you in the coming time, then the user who has 51% WBTC, his mining hash power rate would be much higher and meet the more WBTC in her mining.

As per the expectations, the cryptocurrencies are more likely to do very well in the coming days. All crypto investors will be able to grow their Fiat currency by thousands of times. The user who gets 51% WBTC hold will get as much Mining Hash Power and the more hash power, the more New WBTC cryptocurrency Mines, and the more cryptocurrency Mine, the more money it will be able to earn to the user. I want to request to everyone that keep the WBTC in 51% more and more so that you meet more mining hash power and earn more money at that time.